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Statement of THE PEOPLE COME FIRST series (2022)

"For me, people come first," said Alice Neel, and I subscribe her words as a fire to be passed on. These paintings of barely unknown sitters highlight the soul of the common people.

30 Sailor
20 What kind of bird
10 Anita Berber's friend
34 Lola
40 The little red flowers dress
60 Mod lifestyle
70 Orange shoulders
90 Robin redbreast Joe
100 Hippy Mona Lisa
110 Soulmates
80 Attitude couple
140 Staring dude
130 The pink circles coat
120 Robin redbreast Marcel
170 Unicorn John in pink
540 Gambling Gómez
420 Carmen dancing
440 Fantastic Frank
430 Raül on blue
410 Sailor Rodney
400 Painter Diego
370 Secret in your hands
360 Little purple flowers dress
340 Terence in a red sweater
330 Right arm tattoo
320 Sammy blue eyes
280 Samantha in a yellow top
260 Charlie Brown mode
250 Alice in black
230 Daniel's magic
300 Left arm tattoo
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