Ferran Vidal

1974, Barcelona, Spain.

(Resumed CV of painting and sculpture)




2020 Edition of two graphic novels.

2019 Haimney Gallery. Barcelona.

2018 Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2017 Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2016 Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2015 Suro Museum. Palafrugell

         Atelier Gallery. Barcelona

2014 Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2013 Gallery El Centre. Caldes de Montbui

2012 Esther Montoriol Gallery. Barcelona

        Granollers Museum.

2011 Ignacio de Lassaletta Gallery. Barcelona

2010 Gallery N2. Barcelona

         Atelier Gallery. Barcelona

2009 La Gralla Gallery. Granollers.

2006 Can Gili. Incivic Project. Granollers

2005 Antoni Botey Gallery. Granollers

         Centre d'Art Contemporani Capella de Sant Nicolau. Girona

         Granollers College of Technical Architects

2004 Gallery@49. Nova York

         Antoni Botey Gallery. Granollers

         Centre d'Art El Passatge. Barcelona

2003 Gallery@49. New York

         Contrast Gallery. Barcelona

         Theredoom Gallery. Barcelona

         Magdalena Baixeras Gallery. Barcelona

         Galeria d'Art Jove de la Generalitat. Barcelona

2002 La Santa Gallery. Barcelona

2001 Sala Freda. Caldes de Montbui

2000 Can Bassa. Granollers


Awards / Fairs / Other


2020 Edition of two graphic novels.

         Exhibited at The federal Reserve Bank (New York)

2019 Winner of the Graphic Novel Award Fundación Divina Pastora. Valencia

2018 Work at the Fons d'Art Contemporani de Creu Roja Catalunya

2013 Poster Festa Major de Caldes de Montbui

2010 Participant ArtMadrid'10 Contemporary Art Fair

2009 Selected Paco Merino Painting Award. Granollers

2006 1st Prize Mostra d'Art Urb. Caldes de Montbui

         Selected for the Viewing Program of the Drawing Center. New York

2005 Winner of the Voil Award for Design. Barcelona

         Paintings for Technal España SA

         Selected 4th Mostra d'Art Urbà. Caldes de Montbui

2004 Decoration of the Anthropology Room of the Cosmocaixa Museum. Barcelona

         Selected Mostra d'Art Urbà. Caldes de Montbui

2002 Selected Mostra d'Art Urbà. Caldes de Montbui

         Participant 3rd Bac Festival. Barcelona

2000 Preparation of curtain for the Light Gas Room. Barcelona


Press releases


2019 El 9 Nou newspaper

2014 Art Market Trends Magazine

         LeCool Magazine

          La Vanguardia newspaper

2013 Tentacles Magazine

2012 El 9 Nou newspaper

2009 El País Daily

2007 El País Daily

         Revers Magazine

2005 Castellnou Edicions

2002 ROJO Magazine

2001 ROJO Magazine

         AB Magazine



2015-17 Illustrator for graphic design studio AT Comunciació (Sabadell)

2011 Creative collaborator. ArkGallery. Granollers

2005 Art Theory Course with Xavier Antich and Manuel Asensi. Macba. Barcelona

2004 Training cycle of wall painting. Escola Massana. Barcelona

2000 Creativo colaborador de Cosmic Design Studio. Caldes de Montbui

1983-86 Painting studies. Taller d´Art Manolo Hugué. Caldes de Montbui

Ferran Vidal


Has studied art theory at the MACBA (Bcn) and is artistically self-taught. As a Plastic artist, he has established a multidisciplinary career in which he has mainly explored drawing, painting, and sculpture. He has shown his work at various galleries in Barcelona including N2, Lassaletta, La Santa, Atelier, Montoriol, and Francesc Mestre as well as several exhibitions in Granollers (Bcn) and the surrounding area.  He also has made some incursions in industrial design (2005 Voilà award winner) and book illustrations.  In addition, he participated in ArtMadrid 2010, provided illustrations to Barcelona Science Museum’s Civilized Matter Room, published illustrations in El Pais and La Vanguardia newspapers, showed his work in two collectives at former Gallery@49, NYC, and is a member of The Viewing Program at The Drawing Center, NYC.


He is a prolific and versatile artist who has developed not only his own personal aesthetics, but also a symbolic and conceptual world that portrays a style where academicism merges with an almost wild gestuality, creating a force and speed that balances with an accurate planning of the composition.  He is constantly innovating to expand his use of materials and treatment; and he takes informalism to new figurative limits and angles of thought, challenging our perception and offering a window into a realm beyond that which meets the eye.  His palette is coherent and displays a fierce use of color, usually austere and of an absolute protagonism.


Through his own personal characters, scenes, and landscapes, with one foot in reality and the other in complete mystery, he projects ideas and visions that dialogue constantly between the artist's inner world and the multitude of cultural references that nourishes it.


Text by Pere Báscones. Granollers Museum (Bcn). City Room curator.

La Vanguardia newspaper. 03/2014


Ferran Vidal Contemporary art Painting sculptures Barcelona artist

Ferran Vidal Contemporary art Painting sculptures Barcelona artist