Born 1974, Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona, Spain)





2005 Macba. Art Theory Course with Xavier Antich and Manuel Asensi. Barcelona

2004 Escola Massana. Training cycle of wall painting. Barcelona

1983-86 Taller d´Art Manolo Hugué. Painting studies. Caldes de Montbui



2021  Thermalia Museum, Caldes de Montbui,  Stolpersteine

2021  Ateneu El Centre, Caldes de Montbui, Pintures sobre paper 

2017  Francesc Mestre Gallery, Barcelona, Animals

2014  Galeria Atelier, Barcelona, Pintures

2013  Ateneu El Centre, Caldes de Montbui, Joguines

2012  Museu de Granollers – Sala Ciutat, Granollers, Trending utòpics

2010  Galeria Atelier, Barcelona, Escultures i Dibuixos

2005  Col·legi d’Arquitectes Tècnics de Granollers, Granollers, Dies laborables

2004  Galeria Antoni Botey, Granollers, Virior

2003  Galeria Magdalena Baixeras, Barcelona, Orígens

          Galeria d’Art Jove de la Generalitat, Barcelona, Gran col·lecció per dins

          La Sala Freda, Caldes de Montbui, Braus

2002  Galeria La Santa, Barcelona, Documents per a la construcció d’una vida en llibertat

2000  Can Bassa, Granollers, Anada



2019  Haimney Gallery. Barcelona.

2018  Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2017  Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2016  Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2015  Suro Museum. Palafrugell

          Atelier Gallery. Barcelona

2014  Francesc Mestre Gallery. Barcelona

2012  Esther Montoriol Gallery. Barcelona

2011  Ignacio de Lassaletta Gallery. Barcelona

2010  Gallery N2. Barcelona

          Atelier Gallery. Barcelona

          Participant ArtMadrid'10 Contemporary Art Fair

2009  La Gralla Gallery. Granollers.

          Journalists without Borders-Spain, FNAC, Madrid, Graphic cartoonists for freedom of speech

2006  Can Gili, Granollers, Incivic Project

2005  Centre d'Art Contemporani Capella de Sant Nicolau. Girona

2004  Gallery@49. Nova York

          Centre d'Art El Passatge. Barcelona

          Drawings for the Anthropology Room at the Cosmocaixa Museum. Barcelona

2003  Gallery@49. New York

          Contrast Gallery. Barcelona

          Theredoom Gallery. Barcelona

2002  Barcelona Acció Cultural Festival. Barcelona

2000  Mural project for the Luz de Gas Bar. Barcelona




2020  Finalist at the 1st Non Fiction Comic Award of the Ara Newspaper. Barcelona

2019  Winner of the Social Graphic Novel Award. Fundación Divina Pastora. Valencia

2014  Poster for the Festa Major de Caldes de Montbui

2013  Poster for the Festa Major de Caldes de Montbui

2009  Selected at the Paco Merino Painting Award. Granollers

          Selected at the Word Press Cartoon. Sintra, Portugal

2006  1st Prize at the Mostra d'Art Urbà. Caldes de Montbui

          Selected for the Viewing Program at The Drawing Center. New York

2005  Winner of the Voilà Award of Design. Barcelona

          Finalist at the 6th Josep Escobar Comic Award. Granollers

          Best comic story in Catalan. Cornellà’s Comic Awards, Cornellà

          Popular votation Prize at the 5th Comic Strips Award held by the El Periódico de Catalunya newspaper. Barcelona

2004  Selected at the Mostra d'Art Urbà. Caldes de Montbui

          Originality Prize at the 3rd CCOO Comics Contest, Barcelona

2003  Selected at the Mostra d'Art Urbà. Caldes de Montbui

2002  Selected at the Mostra d'Art Urbà. Caldes de Montbui

2000  Best humour comic. Cornellà’s Comic Awards, Cornellà




2020 Ara Newspaper. Xavi Serra. Finalistes del primer concurs de còmic de no ficció.

2019 Illustrations for El 9 Nou newspaper

         Mundo hispánico, Pepa Echanove. Ferran Vidal presenta sus dibujos

2018 Revista Mirall, Joan Vila Boix, Ferran Vidal, el creador imperfecte

         Reseña Tebeosfera, Manuel Barrero
, Ferran Vidal, nuevo Premio Divina Pastora de Novela Gráfica Social

2014 Art Market Trends Magazine

         LeCool Magazine, Sara Ramón, Pinturas sobre papel, por Ferran Vidal

         La Vanguardia newspaper. C. García-Osuna. Un año de arte

         Revista Bonart, Pintures sobre paper de Ferran Vidal a la Sala Atelier

2013 Illustrations for the Tentacles Magazine

2012 Illustrations for the El 9 Nou Newspaper

         Museu de Granollers, Pere Báscones, Trending utòpics

2010 Underdogs, Oswaldo Reyes. Ferran Vidal

2009 Illustrations for the El País Newspaper

2007 Illustrations for the El País Newspaper

         Revers Magazine, Anna Urdániz. Ferran Vidal

          Regular cartoonist at Amaníaco magazine, Barcelona

          Comic strips publication at Culebra magazine, Barcelona

2008  Comics publication at the TMEO magazine, Vitoria, Spain

2005  Illustrations for the Castellnou Edicions

2002 Illustrations for the ROJO Magazine

         Comic strips publication at La Factoría magazine, issues 39-64, Sabadell

2001 Illustrations for the ROJO Magazine

         Comic strips publication at Amaníaco fanzine (Best Fanzine of the Year Prize, Saló del Còmic), Barcelona

         Illustrations for the AB Magazine



Josep Lluís Fernández and Marco Fragoso, Caldes de Montbui, Spain

Carles Martí, Sant Feliu de Codines, Spain

Red Cross Contemporary Art Fund, Barcelona, Spain

Technal España, SA, Barcelona, Spain

Jonas Burvall, Stockholm, Sweden

Nicole Gozzi, Zürich, Switzerland

Jacopo D’Antonio, Zürich, Switzerland

Antoine De Oliveira, Zürich, Switzerland

Robin Cracknell, London, UK

Gail Sharp, London, UK

Natasha Zabka, New York, USA

David Gill, Los Angeles, USA

May Brendt, The Hague, Netherlands


I was born in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) in 1974. I am the son of a farmer and a language and literature teacher; I grew up in the middle of nature, starting to work with my father in the fields at the age of nine. I believe that a farm is an excellent art school because it is an excellent school of life.

The passion for drawing and painting is an impulse that has always accompanied me, since I was a child I have never stopped drawing, almost without any differences compared to a biological need.

When I was eleven I won the drawing contest of my town’s Fest, the prize was a free course at the local Art Workshop, that is where my artistic education started. As a precocious adolescent, at the age of twelve I began to read adult comic books and I got started in the counterculture, forming part of environmental, antimilitarist  and pro-human rights associations and collaborating as a cartoonist in various fanzines. At the age of sixteen I was an exchange student in the United States and it was around this time that three complementary obsessions to drawing and comics appeared: painting, literature and cinema, and they have never left me.

Around that time, my family went broke; due to this, I was unable to study Fine Arts and I had no choice but to grow as a self-taught artist. Instead, I studied Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which offered better economic prospects. During my career I survived on winning literary awards, playing cards, and working sporadically in any paid activity. I graduated in 1997, two years later I took a Master's degree in Public Law at the Pompeu Fabra University and I took the examinations to become an Administration Lawyer because, for time and money, it was the only way to continue painting.

Starting in 2000, I combined my work as a lawyer with my artistic vocation, in these years I began to exhibit paintings and sculptures in different galleries in Barcelona and I collaborated as a draftsman for various newspapers and magazines.

In 2014 this double life became untenable and I collapsed. The accumulation of extreme experiences that until then had marked my life ended up determining the nature of my artistic work.