After twenty years of exploring mixed media I have chosen to... keep on exploring. The restlessness of youth made that more traditional and contrasted techniques, such as pastel or oil, were directly avoided, since I believed they had less capacity for innovation. Today, more artistically mature, my intention is to enjoy these techniques free from the prejudices of the younger years, which so often impose on us the corset of innovation for innovation's sake.


The root of my work is the entire history of art that I have had access to, I believe that all the images that one sees end up impacting the canvas but, if I have to be specific, I must say that I have looked with special interest at the archaic art, the Romanesque, the Renaissance and the twentieth century. Within this I have been especially interested in the art of the beginning of the century, expressionism, informalism, cartoons and graphic novels.


My works respond to two wills. On the one hand, there is the intention of portraying the social and emotional world that surrounds me and in which I feel reflected, in an effort to understand it and, in this way, make it more bearable. I believe that this intimate exercise of making collective ghosts more tolerable can also serve the observer, since they are part of a society that we all inhabit. On the other side, I would like to make the viewer aware that the human spectrum in which it can be reflected is much wider than he imagines.


The paintings and drawings that I present are, at the same time, denunciation and homage. They portray a reality that they would rather not have to reflect, but cannot help to be fascinated by; the limit, the excess, exerts on us an inevitable attraction that forces us to feel alive. The struggle to survive is not the same for all of us, and those who do not enjoy the fortune of others deserve to be supported, recognized for their efforts. This is my way of balancing the scales of human comedy.